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20/08/2012 22:09

No Work Day!

FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2012 
We got to sleep in until 8 am. At 9:30 Group 1 went on a trail ride while the others relaxed. We were led by one of the Stallions with a flowing mane. We passed through a lot of obstacles including fallen trees and rivers. We galloped in the fields and enjoyed the countryside. When Group 1 returned the next group left and rest had free time until lunch time. Feline rode alone and tried out the new jumps in the ring with Hanka and Catherine resting them.
When lunch time approached everybody was confused why there was a bowl of powdered sugar on the table. The mystery was easily solved when the cook showed us the rest of the dish. It turned out that the lunch was potato soup and ovocne knedliky (sweet dumplings) filled with blueberries and apricots and eaten with cottage cheese, powdered sugar and lots of melting butter. We each were allotted three dumplings. After lunch we had free time again until the Evaluation.
At the Evaluation we wrote an evaluation of the staff, project, campsite, and other topics. Then the staff presented some IPP articles and some other craft items that we could buy. People bought things and traded CISV t-shirts. Afterwards we played the message game organized by Giovannnnnnnna the Great. Later we ate a delicious dinner, consisting a stew topped with lettuce and yogurt sauce. Luisa, Martina Jiri and Anbjorg did the dishes while rest of us drank beer and had fun.
Then the real fun began with a special event planned by the staff and some of the farm workers. We were divided into pairs, blind folded and directed to follow a path of candles along the trail. As we traped through the mud in the dark awful things fell from trees or leaped out at us. Catherine and I screamed and wanted our mothers. After making it past the White Witch in the field we turned to see someone with a flowing cape galloping right towards us on a horse. We took off and ran flat out dodging grabbing hands and creepy voices until we found the others sitting in a group having a snack. What fun!
Later we had a campfire and Lesha, the Farm Owner and co-founder of the Hucel Club and his son Matyas, presented each participant with a ‘Survivor’s Certificate’ along with a horseshoe nail necklace for our work. They both thanked each of us for our commitment to making a difference on the farm. We celebrated two of the farm girl’s birthdays, Betty and Matla, and ate delicious cake baked by Lesha’s sons, Matyas and Martin. Afterwards we sang songs until 4 in the morning. Some campers stayed up all night and took a refreshing swim in the pool at sunrise while the more mature ones slept peacefully in their sleeping bags.
Big Hugs from Anbjorg and Holly
17/08/2012 12:50

Our last work day


The countdown has started, the last working days, everyone wants their tasks to be completely done. Changes are getting obvious to see and we are all proud of what has been achieved. 

As for this day, in the morning, the stables were cleaned as usual, another group was cleaning the farm yard, while the last group painted the last cabin. 

In the afternoon, a group continued to cut the trees in the wood, others cut the wood by the fireplace and Frank and Kuba alone fixed the camp stairs. 

After a day of hard work, we all got to enjoy a tasty dinner, followed by a lecture about the history of the Hucul Club, made by  "Ralf", Lesha´s father, the Hucul Club founder. 

Feline (Norway) + Sarah (Lebanon)

16/08/2012 17:49

Special events


Flag time is back again and our working day has started according to our beloved CISV rites. Special events of the day time: Kuba has ridden a stallion and has fallen down (but it was a pony!). Gio, Martina and Luisa have had their first galloping experience and were really delighted - but the highlight event of the day has been Hanka´s name day, celebrated with delicious pastries and the evening USA delegation´s presentation, interesting and amusing as the previous national activities:-) 

Luisa + Adele (Italy) 

15/08/2012 09:51



We started our day rollin´and rollin´and rollin´the straw balls, it was funny and a bit tiring. Then the other group was at the stable preparing the horses for the horseback riding. At the same time the other group was cutting the wood and they put it inside the new wood house. After lunch we started to paint the cabins, it was very nice. During the break we went to the pool, it was freezing, relaxing and refreshing.

Now me and Farah are awaiting our dinner... the sun is almost down, a small group of people is playing something, Oscar is sitting and watching them, and a noisy horse call us beyond the fences. 

This is a very romantic moment of our life here at the IPP we are happy about it. 


By Farah (Lebanon) & Giovanna (Italy) 

14/08/2012 13:09

A relaxing day


MONDAY, AUGUST 13, 2012 

Today was a relaxing day. we went on a very long horseback ride. It took us three hours to get to our destination, which was a café in a village named Vonoklasy. We were divided into three groups, where one group rode to the destination, while another group met the first group there and rode the horses back. The first group drove back to the Hucul Club in cars. Meanwhile, the third group had a nice ride in the area around the Hucul Club.

For the rest of the day, we relaxed, while the Norwegians prepared their national night. We begun the Norwegian national night with a lovely piece of bread topped with egg and smoked salmon. This was followed by a presentation about the Norwegian horse breeds, before we played a crossword puzzle game using facts about Norway. The code word for the crossword puzzle was recycling, so a discussion about the various practices for handling of garbage in the different countries (Czech Republic, USA, Lebanon, Italy and Norway) followed. Later, the delegates were presented for the traditional "hallingdans", which is a dance were the dancer has to kick a hat off a pole. Some Norwegian pastry (kransekakestenger and vestlandslefse) and chocolate ended the night.

Best greetings from

Catherine (USA) and Anbjørg (Norway)

13/08/2012 12:43

A tidy barn

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2012 

In the morning we cleaned 1/4 of the barn and found inside unbelievable things including a violin. Then we had 1 hour riding and Francesco and his horse Velas became one. In the afternoon we continued the cleaning of the barn and for the second time in its life the floor can see the sunlight. In the evening, we had the Lebanon national night and we had a wonderful meal with more than 7 different dishes, movies about bees preservation and a presentation about Lebanon - of its typical and most important towns and sights. 

At the end, we had National Dance and some Lebanese disco music. 

Holly (USA) & Frank (Italy)

12/08/2012 18:46

Still enthusiastic about work


As the past days in the camp, tasks were assigned to various groups.Some tasks from yesterday, like the saddle room and the barn cleaning, needed to be finished. So by noon every group achieved its task and split into two groups for riding. 

One group went in the training field while others galloped in the prairies around the campsite. After a very tasty lunch we got back to work, into the same groups, but some people rolled the straw, others prepared new obstacles and the rest took the mission of the fire burning wood. 

Some work was not completely done, but one thing we learnt is that patience is necessary to conclude the farm tasks:-) 

Sarah (Lebanon) & Kuba (Czech Republic

11/08/2012 18:02

Ride & work

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012 

Today, we had the new riders in our group have their first lesson. Luisa, Frank and Giovanna were scared at first but then started to enjoy it. Like every day, we also cleaned up the horse stables. In the afternoon we split into our work groups. One cleaned the tack room and painted it. They cleaned the saddles too and put cream on the leather parts.

Another group cleaned out the barn. It was really dusty! The last group started to make new horse obstacles out of logs. The swimmming pool finished filling up, but now it is very cold and we can´t swim yet. After dinner, we played hand games and sung around the campfire. Then we went to bed and had some very nice dreams:-) 

Catherine (USA) + Giovanna (Italy) 

10/08/2012 17:54

Work & ride


After a long night by the fire yesterday, some of us would probably have prefered to sleep longer, but we all got up for breakfast at 8. Stunningly, Kuba and Frank had already been up washing the dishes from yesterday. At 9 o´clock, the experienced riders, which is the Americans and the Norwegians:-), went down to the stable. They were going on a trail ride together with the baby horses. Other less lucky participants had to muck the coral... The rest could take the morning off, sleep more, read, shower or watch hipotheraphy. The last option was a very interesting and learning option. At around 11 the trail group came back with big smiles on their faces, the trail had been wonderful. Next up on the horse back was the Lebanese girls and Martina, but in the riding arena, not on a trail.

For lunch we got fried chicken filets with vegetables. Delicious! Now it was time to do some work. We divided into three groups. Group one moved hay bales into nice rows. Group two finished the pool and fed the bees. We could finally fill the pool with water. But the pressure in the hose was very low, so we made a bet on how long it would take to fill the pool. Group three prepared wooden logs for the fences. That meant scraping of the bark in one end of the log and burning it for a while on the fire. That makes the wood hard as stone and prevents it from rotting when you put it in the ground.

Tonight was Italian night. At around half past 7 the starving participants were finally led into the dinner tent, which had turned into The Pure Breed Market, where you paid with Hhhhhorse Krowns. As a starter we got some interesting tasting small crackers. Again we were divided into three groups, with the task of buying eight products in the marked. We saw some very good movies about environmental awareness before dinner was served: parmesan, Italian pork and some fancy fried bread with Italian red wine and rose wine. Nutella and honey from the farm was also added to the table. After a long meal, it was movie time: “The Green Beautiful”. A great movie! Very funny and food for thought.

Feline (Norway) + Farah  (Lebanon) 

09/08/2012 17:45

A completely different day


We had no work at the campsite today but were driven around as real tourists. We went to South Bohemia to a farm managed by the Prague ZOO; here they take care of special horse breed: Mongolian  "punk" horses which have been living here in the Czech Rapublic for about a century but will be returned to the wild nature in Mongolia soon - and also nice donkeys from Tibet (similar to the Mongolian horse, by the way). 

After lunch we visited the castle Cesky Sternberk, where we got reproached for taking picture of the birds of prey exposed in the garden.

The day spent in the Czech countryside was followed by a special evening: around the fire we cooked our excellent Czech sausages, drank beer and went into the night singing over the music of the guitar.

The fire is magic as our camp life is:-) 

Adele + Luisa (Italy) 


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