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10/08/2012 17:54


After a long night by the fire yesterday, some of us would probably have prefered to sleep longer, but we all got up for breakfast at 8. Stunningly, Kuba and Frank had already been up washing the dishes from yesterday. At 9 o´clock, the experienced riders, which is the Americans and the Norwegians:-), went down to the stable. They were going on a trail ride together with the baby horses. Other less lucky participants had to muck the coral... The rest could take the morning off, sleep more, read, shower or watch hipotheraphy. The last option was a very interesting and learning option. At around 11 the trail group came back with big smiles on their faces, the trail had been wonderful. Next up on the horse back was the Lebanese girls and Martina, but in the riding arena, not on a trail.

For lunch we got fried chicken filets with vegetables. Delicious! Now it was time to do some work. We divided into three groups. Group one moved hay bales into nice rows. Group two finished the pool and fed the bees. We could finally fill the pool with water. But the pressure in the hose was very low, so we made a bet on how long it would take to fill the pool. Group three prepared wooden logs for the fences. That meant scraping of the bark in one end of the log and burning it for a while on the fire. That makes the wood hard as stone and prevents it from rotting when you put it in the ground.

Tonight was Italian night. At around half past 7 the starving participants were finally led into the dinner tent, which had turned into The Pure Breed Market, where you paid with Hhhhhorse Krowns. As a starter we got some interesting tasting small crackers. Again we were divided into three groups, with the task of buying eight products in the marked. We saw some very good movies about environmental awareness before dinner was served: parmesan, Italian pork and some fancy fried bread with Italian red wine and rose wine. Nutella and honey from the farm was also added to the table. After a long meal, it was movie time: “The Green Beautiful”. A great movie! Very funny and food for thought.

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