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11/08/2012 18:02

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012 

Today, we had the new riders in our group have their first lesson. Luisa, Frank and Giovanna were scared at first but then started to enjoy it. Like every day, we also cleaned up the horse stables. In the afternoon we split into our work groups. One cleaned the tack room and painted it. They cleaned the saddles too and put cream on the leather parts.

Another group cleaned out the barn. It was really dusty! The last group started to make new horse obstacles out of logs. The swimmming pool finished filling up, but now it is very cold and we can´t swim yet. After dinner, we played hand games and sung around the campfire. Then we went to bed and had some very nice dreams:-) 

Catherine (USA) + Giovanna (Italy) 

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