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No Work Day!

20/08/2012 22:09
FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2012 
We got to sleep in until 8 am. At 9:30 Group 1 went on a trail ride while the others relaxed. We were led by one of the Stallions with a flowing mane. We passed through a lot of obstacles including fallen trees and rivers. We galloped in the fields and enjoyed the countryside. When Group 1 returned the next group left and rest had free time until lunch time. Feline rode alone and tried out the new jumps in the ring with Hanka and Catherine resting them.
When lunch time approached everybody was confused why there was a bowl of powdered sugar on the table. The mystery was easily solved when the cook showed us the rest of the dish. It turned out that the lunch was potato soup and ovocne knedliky (sweet dumplings) filled with blueberries and apricots and eaten with cottage cheese, powdered sugar and lots of melting butter. We each were allotted three dumplings. After lunch we had free time again until the Evaluation.
At the Evaluation we wrote an evaluation of the staff, project, campsite, and other topics. Then the staff presented some IPP articles and some other craft items that we could buy. People bought things and traded CISV t-shirts. Afterwards we played the message game organized by Giovannnnnnnna the Great. Later we ate a delicious dinner, consisting a stew topped with lettuce and yogurt sauce. Luisa, Martina Jiri and Anbjorg did the dishes while rest of us drank beer and had fun.
Then the real fun began with a special event planned by the staff and some of the farm workers. We were divided into pairs, blind folded and directed to follow a path of candles along the trail. As we traped through the mud in the dark awful things fell from trees or leaped out at us. Catherine and I screamed and wanted our mothers. After making it past the White Witch in the field we turned to see someone with a flowing cape galloping right towards us on a horse. We took off and ran flat out dodging grabbing hands and creepy voices until we found the others sitting in a group having a snack. What fun!
Later we had a campfire and Lesha, the Farm Owner and co-founder of the Hucel Club and his son Matyas, presented each participant with a ‘Survivor’s Certificate’ along with a horseshoe nail necklace for our work. They both thanked each of us for our commitment to making a difference on the farm. We celebrated two of the farm girl’s birthdays, Betty and Matla, and ate delicious cake baked by Lesha’s sons, Matyas and Martin. Afterwards we sang songs until 4 in the morning. Some campers stayed up all night and took a refreshing swim in the pool at sunrise while the more mature ones slept peacefully in their sleeping bags.
Big Hugs from Anbjorg and Holly

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