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A relaxing day

14/08/2012 13:09


MONDAY, AUGUST 13, 2012 

Today was a relaxing day. we went on a very long horseback ride. It took us three hours to get to our destination, which was a café in a village named Vonoklasy. We were divided into three groups, where one group rode to the destination, while another group met the first group there and rode the horses back. The first group drove back to the Hucul Club in cars. Meanwhile, the third group had a nice ride in the area around the Hucul Club.

For the rest of the day, we relaxed, while the Norwegians prepared their national night. We begun the Norwegian national night with a lovely piece of bread topped with egg and smoked salmon. This was followed by a presentation about the Norwegian horse breeds, before we played a crossword puzzle game using facts about Norway. The code word for the crossword puzzle was recycling, so a discussion about the various practices for handling of garbage in the different countries (Czech Republic, USA, Lebanon, Italy and Norway) followed. Later, the delegates were presented for the traditional "hallingdans", which is a dance were the dancer has to kick a hat off a pole. Some Norwegian pastry (kransekakestenger and vestlandslefse) and chocolate ended the night.

Best greetings from

Catherine (USA) and Anbjørg (Norway)

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