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A completely different day

09/08/2012 17:45


We had no work at the campsite today but were driven around as real tourists. We went to South Bohemia to a farm managed by the Prague ZOO; here they take care of special horse breed: Mongolian  "punk" horses which have been living here in the Czech Rapublic for about a century but will be returned to the wild nature in Mongolia soon - and also nice donkeys from Tibet (similar to the Mongolian horse, by the way). 

After lunch we visited the castle Cesky Sternberk, where we got reproached for taking picture of the birds of prey exposed in the garden.

The day spent in the Czech countryside was followed by a special evening: around the fire we cooked our excellent Czech sausages, drank beer and went into the night singing over the music of the guitar.

The fire is magic as our camp life is:-) 

Adele + Luisa (Italy) 

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