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Work again

08/08/2012 10:28


This morning was colder than the day before. We were divided into three groups: two of them went to repair the fences and the third one cleaned the horses and their stables. It was a pretty and a tiring day. We did a lot of work which we found really interesting. We had the opportunity to work as a team and we got to know each other:-) 

After lunch, we continued with the work and in the evening there was some time for horseback riding lessons, which was a good experience. There was a small accident with the wild horse - so Denisa fell down:-( In further evening the Czech delegation had its program. Some learned a lot of information about the Czech Republic - the president, singers, currency... For dinner, we had typical Czech potato pancakes! And we also had the chance to taste Czech alcohol and some sweets. 

Sereen (Lebanon) & Kuba (Czech Republic) 

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