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Our IPP started!

06/08/2012 19:41


The staff got to the campsite in the morning to check that everything was ready for the participants. Then Martina and Jiri arrived with some of the participants (who had spent  a few days at Martina´s house). Then Hanka got to the camp with other participants... We also met Matyas and Martin, the sons of the farm´s owner, Lesha.  Later on, Martina went to the airport to pick up the remaining ones... when almost all of us were at the campsite (except for Anbjorg who was going to arrive at 10pm), we had....

an Italian lunch - pizza! The Italians were soooo happy about it:-) 

Then the boring part started - Denisa needed to collect the boring CISV forms:-), and in the meantime, there was time to choose a tent or cabin, settle down and unpack. At about 4pm there was a getting to know activity - to remember our names, a bit of private life (gossips, huh? :-)) and so on... and to see how we perceived the others. 

Ather that, the participants and staff went through the Leader´s file, to see the outline of the daily schedule and our calendar. Morover, all countries signed up for their National Activity. We also hung the countries´flags and also CISV flag and the HUCUL CLUB flag together! They look really nice together! 

Then we had .... guess what!? .... an Italian dinner! Pasta Bolognese (although the Italian activity is on Thursday...) that our cook Jarda made for us! Really delicious! Although it may not have been prepared exactly according to the Italian recipe...

And then we had a tour through the farm and its surroundings - Lesha (the owner of the farm), took us around the farm, showed us the corals and pastures, briefly explained the history of the hucul breed and suggested what we could possibly help with at the farm. We also went to see... THE HORSES!  

Then Frank asked if he could taste some Czech beer, but the saffies had bought more important things for the first day... however, Lesha was going shopping in the evening, so we asked him to get a few beers for us, just to taste:-) Then  he spent some time sitting with us at the fireplace talking, and also his neighbour Michael went to see us there. And during all that... since it was around 10pm, Martina finally appeared with Anbjorg! Finally, we were all togehter! 

Then it started to rain slightly, so we went to our tents to spend a lovely night listening to the raindrops falling on the roof - a unique felling! Let´s see what we´re gonna do tomorrow... 

(Denisa, Staff member) 






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