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First work day

07/08/2012 09:57


The first day of work... for some this may sound a bit scary, especially when it has to be related to a farm of horses. All you can imagine is dirt, bad smell, sweat and hard exercise. Well... our first day at work as CISVers was nothing more than FUN! Yes, surprisingly, it was fun: having a team spirit with a smile on our faces made all this work just go so smooth and so easy that time flew away. 

The tasks were divided, one group was celaning the pool (yes, we have a pool, which is not done yet, but we are not giving up:-)), another group was working in the stables, cleaning the horses poo (well, not a flowery smell out there...) but the feeling of serving the horses entering the stables at the end of the work outweighed all the sweat. Finally, the last group was cleaning the camp shop tiny house - well, someone must do the work!

Well guys, for your info that was only the morning part, the afternoon is another story. That´s it, just for a small glance of what we do as a team.... 

Keep smiling and nothing will be hard. That´s us and what we do... 

(Sarah, Lebanon) 


WOW! The camp is perfect. Yesterday we had the introduction while eating Czech-Italian pizzas. Today we started the activities: cleaning and taking care of the horses, we moved  about 400 tall trunks, we cleaned the field between the tents and the kitchen, Czech organization was perfect. We are starting to know each other and we appreciate our group. 

(Francesco, Italy) 






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