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DEAR CISVers and IPP Participants,

Welcome to our IPP "Future for horses" webpage. We would like to use it to publish information and pictures; also to write blog from our working holiday from 5-18 August, 2012. 

Our project:

Our project, IPP - International People´s Project - is held under the organization of CISV International (www.cisv.org).

The purpose of our IPP will be to introduce the history, present and future of breeding and prospects of hucul. We all will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of this unique breed and get experienced how to take care for these beautiful animals.

During the programme we could discuss the environment protection strategies used in different countries and their success rate in our group and also with a professional who will introduce to us some endangered species of animals and plants in a protected location in Prague. 

We will think how is possible to preserve biological species and how this influences our society and our lives. How can we help to environment protection? Which strategies are helpful? How can we positively influence future of endangered species?

Partner organization:

Hucul club is an association for preservation Hucul horse. It was founded in 1972 when there were only 300 purebred horses in the world. The goal of this association is to save the Hucul species from extinction and help to find the species a role in the modern world. (www.huculclub.cz)




21/07/2012 22:50

3 Updates

1) A PROJECTOR  will be available ... If you wish to give a presentation / show pictures etc... you can have it:-) Just bring a flash disc/ CD/ DVD with whatever you want to share.  2) HEALTH FORM needs a DOCTOR´S SIGNATURE, please remember.  3) "Cooking intentions" will...
09/07/2012 15:42

Important Documents Here

You can find here pre-camp 2 and 3 with relevant information. Let us know if you have any doubts... Adult Legal Information Form.pdf (86,4 kB) Health Form.pdf (123 kB) pre camp 2.doc (649,5 kB) pre camp 3.doc (364,5 kB) Youth Travelling Alone Legal Information Form TWAL.pdf (95,4...
09/07/2012 15:19

Important deadline - JULY 20th, 2012

Please let us know by this deadline about any food restrictions you have, your horseback riding experience and/or anything you may consider useful for us to know (serious allergies etc...)   Thanks a lot!    Your staffies 
08/07/2012 22:27

Visitors notice

Dear participans,  please go through our brand new website and enjoy the reading. We will still be working on it, so please try to follow it regularly. Have fun! 
08/07/2012 22:26

Website launched

Our new website has been launched today. We would like it to be as user-friendly as possible, so if you have anything to say about it, please write us!  We look forward to meeting you soon in Prague!  Your STAFF - Martina, Hanka, Jiri & Denisa   

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