Future for horses


15/08/2012 09:51


We started our day rollin´and rollin´and rollin´the straw balls, it was funny and a bit tiring. Then the other group was at the stable preparing the horses for the horseback riding. At the same time the other group was cutting the wood and they put it inside the new wood house. After lunch we started to paint the cabins, it was very nice. During the break we went to the pool, it was freezing, relaxing and refreshing.

Now me and Farah are awaiting our dinner... the sun is almost down, a small group of people is playing something, Oscar is sitting and watching them, and a noisy horse call us beyond the fences. 

This is a very romantic moment of our life here at the IPP we are happy about it. 


By Farah (Lebanon) & Giovanna (Italy) 

© 2012 All rights reserved.

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